‘The Day God Showed Up’ around the world

Good news! Gordon Helsel’s memoir The Day God Showed Up is available on almost every continent in the world. So far, the book is written and published exclusively in the English language. Sadly, of course, to the best of our knowledge it isn’t sold in countries where free thinking, free speech and truth are banned.

The updated list of sellers follows in alphabetical order. Unless an eBook edition is mentioned, these retailers sell the Paperback; and unless a location is specified, the retailer sells it in the USA. Please share the news of this beautiful true story with your family and friends around the globe.

in Sydney, Australia
Amazon sells the Paperback and Kindle editions in the USA and numerous international branches
Barnes & Noble : Paperback and Nook editions
: Paperback and Nook editions
, based in the United Kingdom, ships the Paperback to free countries around the world
(Christian Broadcasting Network)
: Paperback and eBook editions
in South Africa
in New Zealand
Powell’s Books in Oregon
sells the book in the USA, Brazil, Europe, Asia and Australia
SuperBookShop in Croatia
The bookstores of Gordon’s alma mater sell The Day God Showed Up in Virginia
Paperback and eBook editions are sold by Gordon’s publisher WestBow Press , which is a division of Thomas Nelson
WOW HD sells The Day God Showed Up in Canada

Retailers and other Booksellers : To carry The Day God Showed Up , please contact WestBow Press by calling 1 (866) 928-1240 ext. 5079 on weekdays or email [email protected] anytime.

WestBow provides special rates to non-profits who want to distribute The Day God Showed Up as items for sale or as giveaways to help active-duty military personnel, veterans and chaplains, for a few examples. Special rates apply to non-profit schools, colleges and universities as well.

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