Gordon and Joy Helsel married 49 years

Happy 49th Wedding Anniversary to Gordon and Joy Helsel! Next year is the great milestone of their 50th anniversary. Meanwhile, this is a little photo essay of the happy couple throughout the years. It all began in high school, where Gordon signed-up for art class. Gordon didn’t care about art, but his eyes were glued on lovely Joy Rasnick. One day he could hold back no longer. As Joy was cleaning her paint pans at the classroom sink, he rushed over there to clean his and asked her for a date. Read their love story in The Day God Showed Up . Many people have graciously wished Gordon and Joy a happy anniversary on Facebook , where you may speak to them as well.

Newlyweds Joy and Gordon Helsel attempt to leave for their honeymoon, but friends rigged their aqua Volkswagen Beetle with shaving cream and streamers.

Gordon and Joy Helsel in 1971 as he was awarded the Bronze Star for heroic service in the Vietnam War.

Joy and Gordon Helsel in 2009.

Delegate Gordon Helsel and family in 2012 after he took his oath to uphold and defend the Virginia Constitution. Next to Gordon is Joy, then Gordon’s mom Erdine Helsel. On the left is their son Brian, his wife Christy and their children. On the right, Scott Helsel stands next to his grandmother.

Joy and Gordon Helsel on their 49th wedding anniversary.